Winter Plan Commitment

Winter Plan Commitment

Port of Halifax 2017 Winter Operations Plan Commitment

The Halifax Port Authority (HPA), Ceres-Halifax Corp., (operator of Fairview Container Terminal), CN Intermodal, Engineering & Transportation, Halterm Ltd., (operator of South End Container Terminal), and HPA are collectively committed to the following undertakings:

Terminal Infrastructure and Equipment:

HPA, Ceres-Halifax Corp. and Halterm Ltd. continue to invested in infrastructure, raised terminal tracks, upgraded terminal gate and yard rail switches, and installed new drainage to minimize ice building-up.

HPA has added new salt storage bins and increased salt on-hand. Each terminal operator has initiated performance-based snow removal contracts.

Management Processes:

  • Joint 24/7 planning communications involving Ceres-Halifax Corp. management, CN Intermodal, Engineering & Transportation management, Halterm Ltd. management and HPA management.
  • Joint daily monitoring of Environment Canada weather forecasts.
  • Weather forecast will drive actions by each terminal operator and CN to complete existing terminal and rail operations including adding additional labour and/or shifts and preparation for immediate recovery.
  • Terminal operators, in consultation with unionized workers, have developed yard strategies for easier and more efficient plowing and snow removal to address changing operational demands based on weather conditions
  • Terminal operators and HPA will provide notification of operational hours as early as possible during events.
  • CN will post network service level bulletins to its winter web site. CN Winter Safety guidelines can be found here:


Ceres-Halifax Corp., CN, Halterm Ltd. and HPA pledge commitment to 24/7 communication, winter storm planning, performance tracking, immediate corrective actions, and increased transparency for the purpose of expediting rail car fluency through the Port of Halifax throughout the winter months and the entire year. Safety is critical to everything that we do. Through planning and collaboration, the Halifax Port Authority and its partners are setting objectives and developing tactics designed to minimize the impact of weather-related operational delays.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Adcock, Director, Marine Operations at (902) 426-5311, email