The Port of Halifax is a diverse cargo and cruise Port with highly competitive, modern infrastructure. The Halifax Port Authority is a key partner in the development of the Port of Halifax and administers 260 acres of federal land. The HPA’s facilities include Fairview Cove Container Terminal, South End Container Terminal, Richmond Terminals and Ocean Terminals (including Halifax Grain Elevator) and the Halifax Seaport. Substantial investments have been made recently in breakbulk, container and cruise facilities at the Port.

Beyond HPA facilities, there are many private and public industrial facilities around Halifax Harbour.

Halifax Harbour

The navigable waters of Halifax Harbour – under the management of the HPA – extend from the harbour limits to the end of Bedford Basin and also includes the Northwest Arm.

HPA Facilities:

  1. Fairview Cove Container Terminal
  2. South End Container Terminal
  3. Richmond Terminals
  4. Ocean Terminals – Piers 23-24
  5. Ocean Terminals – Piers A and A1
  6. Halifax Grain Elevator
  7. Halifax Seaport

Non-HPA Facilities:

  1. Autoport
  2. CN Halifax Intermodal Terminal
  3. Imperial Oil Wharves
  4. Maritime Forces Atlantic
  5. National Gypsum Wharf
  6. Woodside Atlantic Wharf