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The Halifax Port Authority and the Board of Directors are focused on growing business through the Port of Halifax. The Halifax Port Authority and Board of Directors are governed by the terms of the Canada Marine Act. We are uncompromising in our commitment to transparency and an open governance model.

Executive Compensation is determined by several factors including the performance of all three lines of business which are cargo, cruise and real estate. Executive remuneration is comparable to other industry professionals and is routinely reviewed by an independent third party. A summary of executive remuneration is outlined in the audited financial statements.

The primary business for the Halifax Port Authority is trade.  It is essential that the HPA is present in national and international markets.  This includes Europe, Southeast Asia, South America as well as the American Midwest and central Canada. The purpose of HPA business travel is to meet with customers and potential customers, Canadian embassies, consulates and government officials.  Together with port stakeholders and three levels of government, travel is undertaken according to a specific business plan which reflects key targets and growth prospects.

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The Board of Directors for the Halifax Port Authority is composed of seven (7) members: one (1) federal appointee (the Federal director); one (1) provincial appointee (the Provincial director); one (1) municipal appointee (the Municipal director); and, four (4) port user nominees.

The term of appointment for directors is three years. The term is renewable twice only, i.e. a maximum of nine consecutive years served. A Port User director seeking renewal must repeat the same nomination process as for the initial term.

Read more about HPA’s Governance.

Financial Statements

HPA exercises management authority over Halifax Harbour and federal real estate property (Halifax Seaport) under one administration. In addition, we have ownership of other property and equipment related to the administration of cargo and cruise operations at the Port of Halifax. The principal source of HPA revenues are fees on vessels, cargo and passengers using the Port of Halifax as well as lease payments for facilities under HPA management. For more information, please see Port Tariffs.

The Halifax Port Authority has invested significantly in infrastructure. We have modern facilities using the latest technology, and world class security. Since 2011, over $100 million has been invested  in port-related infrastructure.

For the last seven years, Standards and Poor’s has given Halifax Port Authority a credit rating of ‘A’ and in 2013 the outlook was upgraded to ‘positive’. For more detailed financial information, please see HPA’s audited financial reports from the last seven years.

Access to Information

The Halifax Port Authority provides summaries of Access to Information requests it completes under the Access to Information Act (ATIA) dating back to April 2012.

To review the full list, visit Access to Information.

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